Private Michael Joseph Wallace

2nd Battalion Irish Guards,

Died of his wounds at “Bloody Bourlon”, Cambrai,

27th November 1917,

From Ballina, Co. Mayo,

Aged 23














From Knockmore, County Mayo, he enlisted in September 1915. The medal pair is his full entitlement.


wallace1The CO of the 2nd Irish was not told of the plan of attack until the evening of the 26th. The men of the 2nd Irish as part of the Guards Brigade were detailed to relieve the forces already engaged, including the Scots Guards. They made their way up to the lines under the cover of darkness, two grenades issued to each man. The Guards fought bravely but to no avail, unable to make the impossible gains that had been their objective. At the end of the day they could count 25 men dead on ‘comrades evidence” and 142 were wounded and brought back.

Michael died of his wounds received the very next day.


Michael Wallace’s family preserved his memory by having made a silver frame for his tag. The case, hallmarked was made in 1916 by Birmingham maker Sanders & Mackenzie. Given the backdrop of Irish History they made a statement in declaring that:


Michael’s body was never found and he has no known grave and is remembered with honour at the Thiepval Memorial to the missing.






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